Stamped Concrete Pittsburgh PA

Concrete is already a durable and affordable surface for your construction needs. But some want to add pizzazz and sparkle to their concrete with a stamp overlay or textured concrete. Patterned concrete is cost effective and provides a finished, stylized look to your pool deck or stamped concrete patio.

Let’s talk about what stamped concrete contractors can do to bring curb appeal and finish to your home or business.

Stamped concrete installation for a home's pool deck

The Alluring Look of Concrete Stamping

Stamped overlay can provide a dramatic look to your backyard, driveway, pool deck or sidewalk. Consider a stamped concrete sidewalk with interesting options that can imitate flagstone, tile, brick, and other appearances at a fraction of the cost.

With an eye catching stamped concrete driveway, the neighbors will be asking you to recommend one of the stamped concrete contractors who can get the job done for them as well. You can let them know Pittsburgh Concrete Company brings the experience and materials needed for a satisfactory end result.

Selecting Decorative Concrete in Pittsburgh

Stamped overlay has its roots in the 1970s but it has become more stylish and modern over time. Many homeowners and business owners choose patterned concrete which is created using a mat pressed into the concrete in a pattern.

Colors can also be added to concrete creating a satisfying appearance that draws the eye in while also fitting into a budget.

Decorative concrete can also be added to your existing concrete with a stamped concrete overlay or it can be stamped onto a newly poured concrete mix. Your concrete contractor will advise you as to whether you need demolition and construction to replace your old concrete, or whether your stamped overlay can be added to your existing concrete slab.

High Standards for Excellence in Concrete Stamping

If you’d like to spruce up your existing concrete or you need a new pour, consider Pittsburgh Concrete Company among stamped concrete contractors. We are licensed and bonded with the experience and quality materials to ensure your job is completed and you are a satisfied customer.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service because we know the work we complete for you puts our reputation on the line. That’s why we discuss the work up front with you to ensure we are all on the same page and that we have opened up lines of communication.

Construction work can be a hassle, but you’ll be confident in the work we produce and the timeframe we provide.

Stamped concrete is weather resistant and durable enough for outside use. When installed by a professional, it will stand up to years of exposure to Pittsburgh weather conditions. Not only that, but it will increase the value of your home and can even make your spaces safer and more slip resistant.

In short, an excellent contractor will bring about a beautiful result. With customized stamp options and a variety of color mixtures to choose from, your textured concrete will bring a unique appearance to your home at a cost you can afford.