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Concrete Resurfacing Pittsburgh PA

Concrete pockmarks are unsightly and cracks can lead to dangers such as trips and falls. But a damaged concrete surface doesn’t have to break the bank in repairs and concrete demolition.

Consider concrete resurfacing. Concrete coating is applied over your existing cement, and forms a bond. Instead of costly concrete removal, your concrete will take on a brand new appearance and strength at a fraction of the monetary cost. Sealant will provide confidence in the newly resurfaced concrete and will last just as long as a brand new concrete pour.

A worker resurfacing concrete pave with hand float

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors in Your Area

From driveway resurfacing to pool deck resurfacing, you know you need an expert concrete refinishing specialist at the helm of your project. Pittsburgh Concrete Company will send a contractor out to inspect your existing concrete and propose a solution. Many times, a resurface job is sufficient to extend the life of your concrete: from driveway resurfacing to commercial flooring epoxy, we’ll suggest finish options that fit your unique needs. Not only that, but concrete resurfacing is self leveling, which makes the job that much easier for both contractor and homeowner alike.

Many homeowners want their concrete refinishing job to conclude with stamped or colored concrete. This allows a pattern to be pressed into the concrete with interesting color options that can add sparkle to your home. Raise the bar in your neighborhood and show off your unique style to the entire block. With so many stamped concrete options, at an affordable price, there’s a look that you’re sure to love.

Consider various coating types such as non-slip, weather resistant, or even stain resistant options. Your garage, driveway, sidewalk, or pool deck will be the talk of the town when Pittsburgh Concrete Company gets the job done right.

Pittsburgh Concrete Repair Company Experts

Our clients love the results they get from working with us for their concrete resurfacing needs. But ultimately, we know that they need to trust us in order to be confident in the job we perform. From small crack repair to concrete demolition work, we know how important your property is to you– and we take that trust seriously.

As experts, we bring years of experience and produce quality results on every job we complete. Clients appreciate our prompt availability and our professional commitment to sticking to budgets and timelines.

Regardless of the size of your job, reach out to our contractors to make a plan and get your concrete resurfacing work completed as soon as possible.

Concrete Replacement in Pittsburgh

If you’re seeking concrete demolition or concrete removal, choose a contractor who will honestly assess issues and help you plan for a way to spruce up your home at the most affordable price point possible. In some cases, crack repair without replacement is your best option, and resurfacing can extend the life of your concrete.

Contact Pittsburgh Concrete Company to discuss your concrete and let’s make a plan about how to address issues in a cost effective way.

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