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Concrete Foundation Contractor Pittsburgh PA

Foundation work is the solid base your home or business rests on, and you want a well constructed slab to provide you with peace of mind for years to come. When you work with a concrete slab company, you want to ensure that professionals utilize the best materials and state of the art techniques to make sure you get dependable results.

Whether you’re planning on home additions, new home construction, or foundation repair, Pittsburgh Concrete Company will help you start the process and complete the job with satisfying results.

Concrete construction at a commercial development project

Choosing Concrete Slab Contractors

If you’re looking to install a new concrete slab on your commercial or residential property, you want to make sure you select an experienced concrete slab company. Concrete slab for garages and sheds can improve the value of your home and a well poured slab will last a long time.

We utilize strong concrete that can be relied on to support your structure into the future. Not only that, but our concrete contractors Pittsburgh are customer friendly with years of experience discussing this work and serving our neighbors. We know concrete, and it’s our job to build a relationship with you so that you understand exactly what the job will consist of before we get to work for you.

Concrete foundation construction is a complicated business and requires professionals with the latest equipment. Your contractor will work with you to outline your project ahead of time and discuss your needs.

For a new slab installation, we’ll start by excavating prior to concrete work. A dedicated project manager will be on site to coordinate the work and make sure the job proceeds along an agreed upon timeframe.

Commercial Concrete Slabs for Your Business

We specialize in concrete slab installation; consider our work for jobs like these and others:

  • warehouses
  • retail stores
  • office buildings
  • parking garages

Connect with us as you plan your commercial location expansion or concrete foundation construction. We are licensed, bonded, and insured– not to mention reliable and personable.

After taking a look at the blueprints of your structure, we will begin mixing the components of your slab. We bring our cutting edge equipment to your site, and follow applicable building codes as we move from digging to pouring and curing.

We know the importance of the job set before us, and we want to make sure we leave the job site knowing you are a satisfied customer.

Concrete Foundation Repair Work

If you notice your concrete foundation settling or spalling, it’s time to contact a concrete foundation construction company. Pittsburgh Concrete Company will save you headaches down the road if you connect with us as soon as you begin to notice any issues. We can diagnose the problem and make repairs quickly before they snowball and impact the structural integrity of your building.

Your commercial or residential property depends on you to address cracks promptly, so it’s a good idea to become familiar with your foundation and let us know if you spot anything that needs to be looked at.

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